Krav Maga is an Israeli self defence system consisting of a wide range of techniques.  It is known for its focus on real life situations encountered in the modern world.  It covers defences against grabs, strikes, knife attacks, gun defences, ground floor defences and attacks against blunt objects as well as one on one and multiple attackers.  


It has the added benefits of allowing people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels to learn self defence whilst getting into great shape.  It will also help you develop a positive mental attitude to life.  We also have a grading system here at BMA that allows you to achieve a blackbelt.  



Student Testimonial

I have been doing Krav Maga at BMA for 4 years and after trying different types of self defence, I can honestly say this is the one that is the most useful to any person of any age.  The instructors are led by Sara who is a fantastic motivator with infectious enthusiasm and her knowledge in all the martial arts is breathtaking, the other coaches at BMA are equally as friendly, determined and a pleasure to learn from. BMA will not only teach you a martial art, it will also teach you life skills that you can use adn adapt in y our everyday life.  All the coaches work so hard at BMA giving back to you so much more than you put in.  BMA is a part of me and i'm proud to say that i'm apart of BMA (Simon Moodley Krav Maga Student).

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