ADULT KICKBOXING - Available in all schools

This is Japanese style kickboxing - a unique martial art


Here are some of the many benefits you will gain from our kickboxing classes

  • Increase your fitness levels
  • Learn effective self defence
  • Meet new friends
  • Do something different
  • Increase your self confidence
  • Help improve your general health
  • Improve your flexibility and power
  • Learn to move with speed and power





JUNIOR KICKBOXING - Llanberis and Holyhead schools


5 reasons every child should earn a black belt!


1.   Improves grades and performance at school, sports and other activities

2.  Black belts are mentally, physically and emotionally strong

3.  Black belts have a positive attitude built on a strong foundation of self deiscipline and respect

4.  Black belts have the confidence amd self esteem to confront all challenges in life and say no to drugs and      negative peer pressure.

5.  Black belts have the knowledge and skills to defend themselves or others and stand up to bullies.





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