Childrens Karate

(Little Dragons age 4-7 yrs)

(Juniors age 8-14)


Our martial arts classes are a great way to give your child a head start in life.


Your child will  :-

  • gain self confidence
  • increase self control
  • increase focus 
  • make new friends through teamwork
  • gain a better mental attitude
  • learn self defence skills
  • increase listening skills
  • gain more respect for self and others


Adults Karate

14yrs +


Shihan Sara 6th Dan is a master of Shukokai Karate


There are many benefits to training in karate


You will :-

  • learn valuable self defence
  • increase stamina and fitness
  • gain confidence and self esteem
  • make new friends
  • have a better mental attitude to work and life
  • have more self control
  • have a great time


Kids Kickboxing - classes available in Llanberis and Ysgol Llanddoged, Llanrwst


(Little Dragons age 4-8yrs)

(Juniors age 9+yrs)


There are many benefits to training in kickboxing

  • help your child keep active and increase strength
  • develop self discipline
  • set and acheive goals
  • develop self-confidence and self respect
  • develop non-violent conflict resolutions
  • develop 'I can attitude' and stand up to bullies


Here are some of the many benefits you will gain from our kickboxing classes

  • increase your fitness levels
  • learn effective self defence
  • meet new friends
  • do something different
  • increase your self confidence
  • help improve your general health
  • improve your flexibility and power
  • learn to move with speed and power


Krav Maga is an Israeli self defence system consisting of a wide range of techniques.  It is known for its focus on real life situations encountered in the modern world.  It covers defences against grabs, strikes, knife and gun attacks, ground floor defences and attacks with blunt objects as well as one on one and multiple attackers.  Krav Maga teaches you to use everyday items to your advantage.


It has the added benefits of allowing people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels to learn self defence whilst getting into great shape.  It will also help you develop a positive mental attitude to life.  We also have a grading system here at BMA that allows you to achieve a blackbelt.  Krav Maga is easy to learn and easy to retain.  It is based on principles of instinctive reaction. 

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