BMA Covid 19 - Safety + Guidelines

We are taking our role here at BMA very seriously when it comes to covid 19 and preventing the spread of the virus.  We have produced the following documents and a list of frequently asked questions.  We ask that if you have any concers or questions to approach us or message senseis and we will endevour to answer them.  We want everyone to feel safe when training at our BMA schools and have implemented many guidelines and proceedures.  As you know this is an ever changing situation and we will keep you up to date with all new proceedures and guidelines.  Thank you

BMA Risk Assessment for indoor training 

Risk Assessment Covid 19  

Before Class Precautions and Measures

1. Students will be notified of what classes to attend.

2. Check Class Times carefully, they will be different. 

3. Class numbers capped, based on social distancing regulations. 

4. Arrive 5 minutes before class.

5.Wait outside at safe distance markers 

6. Arrive changed, ready for class.

7. Do not bring a bag or sparring gear to class unless requested to do so

8. Lateral flows to be taken by all students prior to attending class


During Class

1. Sanitise hands before class starts. 

2. Students will be shown to their workout square. You must stay in the square for whole class.

3. We will use non-contact social distance syllabus. 

4. Bring your own water bottle.

5. No use of toilets, except in emergency. 6. No spectators inside the building. Unless an emergency or for crying child 

7. Parents are requested to wait in car or nearby incase of an emergency

8. Track and trace document to be completed for all students and employees by senseis

9. Prior to class, parent should check-in students at the entrance with sensei, then wait close by outside or in their vehicles ( parents to have mobile phones with them for emergency contact) 


After Class 

1. Collect all your items. Sanitise hands before leaving the dojo.

2. Training floor and training items will be sanitised before next class starts using SMARTSAN V.

3. Instructor will send parent class feedback vis What’s App voice message/ messenger or from a social distance position outside.



To be mindful that covid 19 regulations and requests can change weekly. Currently, Lateral flow testing is required by students. If positive- students are to remain in isolation until the isolation period has been served. Students/parents/senseis are all to observe for cold symptoms ( or symptoms that are attributed to new strains) if any symptoms present - please do not attend the dojo. Please wear masks when dropping family members off or entering the dojo and be mindlful of 2 metre ruling when collecting your child.


Please is you are unsure of anything, do not hesitate to contact sensei Sara or sensei Karen on 07833938718 Diolch.

If any symptoms are shown by students or staff, those persons will be asked to leave immediately.


Covid FAQ

  1.  How will you keep the dojo clean?

The dojo will be deeped cleaned every evening, alowing time for floors and surfaces to dry overnight.  It will also be done regularly throughout the day/eve between classes, using antiviral solutions and disinfectants.

  1. Will the equipment be cleaned?

All equipment will be cleaned during the deep clean each evening but also thouroughly between each session and after use by individual students.

  1.  Do I have to wear a mask?

No masks are not required but if you feel safer to wear one, please feel free to do so.  If you do wear one please refrain from touching it continuously ( as this can spead the virus) and please dispose of them correctly.

  1.  Can I catch covid through sweat?

No Covid 19 is not transmitted through sweat, however wiping your face does mean you can pass the virus on from your hands to your face, so the use of hand sanitiser is required on entry to the dojo and following a visit to the bathroom.  There is plenty of hand sanitiser throughout the building to use.

  1. Are parents/family allowed to spectate?

No, this allows us more space to allow more students to train and reduces the risk of transmission amoungst individuals.   It also allows senseis to thouroughly clean an area between classes.

  1. Will we be sparring?

No, there will be no sparring for the foreseeable future as it is impossible to keep the safe social distancing measures in place.  We will keep a check of changes with the welsh government with regards to training and change our program/policy as necessary to abide by the government rules. 

  1.  Can I come to training if I have a cold?

No, due to symptoms being similar to that of covid, this will require you to stay at home for 10 days.  This is to protect yourself, students and senseis.  Please check in with sensei if you need advice.

  1.  What do I need to do when I arrive at the dojo?

On arrival through the front main entrance hand sanitiser is available.  Shoes will be removed and stored away, if you have a drink please place it in the box provided. On leaving the dojo (1 at a time) you will be required to collect your shoes, hand sanitise and leave through the rear entrace.  Likewise if you are a parent waitign to collect your child, please wait at the rear of the building.  

  1.  Will you use track and trace?

We will keep a track and trace list for 21 days in line with government guidelines - our attendance cards are used for accurate data of when students attend.


If you should have any further questions or are unsure of anything please feel free to drop senseis a message and we will endeavour to answer as soon as possible, or use the comments box below.  


Thank you


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